A General Adult Psychiatrist: kind, gentle and with a reassuring manner”.
Patient, 2014

For 11 years I have suffered with recurrent depression, general anxiety and OCD. After seeing numerous psychiatrists I booked a session with Dr Mehrotra. From the first session he was compassionate and offered expertise advice in order to stabilise my condition. For the first time I was able to start enjoying life again. I would highly recommend him to anyone”.
Patient, 2014

“We all had lost hope in our mother recovering. Then we met Dr Mehrotra. Not only did he get my mum on the road to recovery, he showed true compassion, kindness, understanding and flexibility. He truly appreciated the effect that this illness had had on our close-knit family. Sometimes you get good doctors, sometimes not so good, but rarely do you find a truly exceptional doctor and human being who actually empathises with the patient and the family, and Dr Mehrotra is exactly that, exceptional. He has given my family a second chance at life and we will be eternally grateful”.
Patient’s family member, 2014

I truly don’t know where or what I would have done without Dr Mehrotra’s care, when I had my first consultation everything seemed black and I never thought I will be back on my feet and getting on with my life, he has been a great support to me, and I am so grateful for his understanding and helping me take control of my life, he was always available, either for consultations or a phone call … And he always made sure to follow up my progress”
Patient, 2014


 “My experience as a patient with Dr Ravi Mehrotra has been very good as I felt very comfortable talking to him. Where as I had suffered from anxiety and depression for some years, seeing so many Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Psychotherapist. He seemed a very caring person. Interested in my well being and to see me get well as soon as possible. He gave time to me and my family. He was in no rush, giving his time to listen to how I felt and assuring me that I would get better definitely. I saw a few Psychiatrist and Psychologist with no change in my condition. Every appointment I was getting very anxious and was made to feel as if I was not trying hard enough from my part. My family took me to London to see another Psychiatrist Dr. Ravi Mehrotra. From my first appointment with him was pleasant as he made me feel very comfortable and assured me I would soon be my old self. Dr. Ravi Mehrotra was very different from all the psychiatrists I had seen. I felt like an angel had come to help me. He took interest in what I had to say and understood my condition and did not judge or criticise me. Within 4 weeks of my treatment I started to pray and I straight away knew I was getting better. All my anxiety and depression was going away and I was feeling very happy. Thank you very much Dr Ravi, I feel back to normal and talking to everyone like my old self. I only wish all patients could get a doctor like Dr Mehrotra”.

Patient, 2014.

“The oral evidence of Dr Mehrotra plainly deserves great weight. Not only was he eminently qualified to express the opinion he gave, but that opinion was based on a cautious and careful analysis of the evidence collected from a number of difference sources as well as an extensive observation of the Appellant. The panel is satisfied that the Appellant is suffering from a serious mental illness as described by Dr Mehrotra”.
Judge X, First Tier Immigration Tribunal, 2012

“Thank you for a clear and comprehensive criminal report on our client. Our difficulties with the client have been considerably eased for which we are very grateful to you”.
Solicitor, Wolverhampton, 2013

“I have just had a call from a regular client of ours who is based at Brighton and Hove council to say she has spoken to some of the solicitors who have previously instructed you as they are always nervous to instruct a new expert (a new name on the circuit rather than new to medico-legal). She said that you received a glowing report from all and they would highly recommend you”.
Medico-legal company, 2013

“Thank you for a really interesting, thoroughly absorbing talk today – the clinical vignettes were particularly helpful.”
GP, Southall 2013

 “This doctor is the best I have ever seen for my son’s bipolar illness”.

Patient’s family member, 2013

 ”Thank you for your expertise, your professional patience and care.I have emerged a much stronger and more confident man.I sincerely thank you for the diligent efforts you have made to improve my situation”.

Patient, 2013